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Conferences @ Club Elani is a fun-filled experience whichever way you look at it... From corporate functions in daylight hours, to team-buildings late at night.

Our "Koringsaal" venue can accommodate up to 200 seated delegates and easily 150 with a dance floor for an "opskop".

Our minimum is 30 people unfortunately but we do offer the option of making use of our semi-outdoor stoep for smaller functions. Don't fear though, the food comes from the same kitchen.

For themed functions, you name it, and we offer it, from Cowboys & Indians to Demin 'n Diamonds, Around The World, or even Whinnie The Pooh for the kids.

Meal options vary from our delicious "Boere" buffet, Club Elani renowned steak braais, Tjop & Dop or choose a mix and match option - we are certainly not skimpie on maintaining a name for ourselves in the food department so drop Caren an email for a quote.

Thanks! Message sent.

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