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So you've arrived at Club Elani but you don't have a boat.... Never fear, we've got your back!

Boating, Ski-Ing & Wakeboard with Capt. Nic

Captain Nic offers tubing, ski-ing and wakeboarding from his Regal Inboard - contact the office for more info!


Our 20km ATV off-road track is on the outskirts of Misverstand & Elani Farms. 3 different courses are offered from novice, medium and experienced.... We do not have ATV'S to hire, but if you bring your own, we can assure you it is an experience of a lifetime with the added beauty of the surrounds. From R 80 per day per bike.


Misverstand Dam offeres a large variety of fresh water fish. Our barbel (sharptooth catfish) have known to be well over 1 metre long and more. Other fish species include, bass (big mouth, small mouth & spotted), carp, kurper (blue & vlei), Bluegill Sunfish & Mosquito Fish. No permits are required.


Our 12 metres double "super-tube" slippery slide is fun 'n games for the whole family. There is absolutely no limit to age or weight. It can be hired for a fee - please email for further information.

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