The following weekends we are running specials are ALL COTTAGES...

28 FEBRUARY - 1 MARCH 2020 &  13 - 15 MARCH 2020

For only R 250 per person per night , you can take advantage of our cute, cosy cottages - Minimum occupancy is 2 guests per cottage. .





The weekend of the 17 - 19 April 2020 is our time to give back to our guests.

Cottages: R 200 per person per night. Minimum occupancy is 2 guests per cottage.

Tent/Caravan sites: R 90 per person per night - Minimum occupancy 4 guests per site


Dear Club Elani Lovers,


At our private run facility, Club Elani, we realise that we are facing a very serious worldwide dilemma, which as we speak has increased from 116 positives yesterday to 150 positive cases nationwide, according to worldometers.info

The family has just stepped out of meeting to discuss the way forward for both the wellbeing of our staff and guests alike.


As of today, 19 March 2020, we will implement extensive protective measures for Club Elani’s accomodation, home owners and all other visitors so that we may remain open during this pandemic.

Some of the measures put into place is as follows:


  1. As per Government Gazette dated, 18 March 2020:


  1. Our kitchen will be open to TAKE-AWAYS only, collections and orders to be done through the shop. Hours: 9am – 5pm (Saturday), 9am – 1pm (Sunday & Public Holiday)

  2. Our bar will be open to TAKE-AWAYS only – thus no one will be allowed to sit on the stoep or in the bar. Hours: 5pm – 6pm (Friday), 9am – 5pm (Saturday), 9am – 1pm (Sunday & Public Holidays)

  3. Our little shop will run as normal, but please limit visits to a max of 2 guests per unit/site per visit.

  4. Hand Santizers, wet wipes and the like will be available at both the shop and bar entrance.


  1. Our accommodation will remain available to guests that wish to enjoy Club Elani with the following in place:


  1. Cottage accommodation maximum per unit is to be strictly adhered to, with no camping outside the cottages unless a camp site is booked.

  2. Tent/Caravan accomodation is now limited to a maximum of 6 guests per site, with a site between falling away – thus a gap between sites will now be implemented.

  3. Arrival and departure times as per confirmation email is to be strictly adhered to.


  1. Ablution Facilities will follow a strict hygiene regimen to ensure all surfaces are disinfected at more regular intervals than previously done. Hand sanitizer and wetwipes will be available in the ablution facilities.

  2. Gamesroom & Stoep area – guests will be allowed to frequent this area but all chairs and tables will be removed so as not to increase “gathering”.

  3. Gate Control – please, even if you are a homeowner, it is now imperative that all guests sign the form at the gate, this is for us to keep a control system in place should an outbreak arise and we need access to guests that visited over the weekend, be it for a day visit, or weekend. This form also indemnifies Club Elani from 3rd party claims related to the Coronavirus.

  4. Reservation Cancellation Policy will still apply as normal which is supplied to the guest on their confirmation email.


Club Elani will unfortunately accept no responsibility for anyone entering our premises that could have contracted or is incubating the Coronovirus, it is up to the guests to keep to the basic standards such as:

  • Keep social contact to a minimum.

  • Basic hygiene is absolutely essential.

  • Wash your hands regularly.

  • Don’t panic – we are all in this together.


As far as our resources go, we have yet to be informed that we need to do a total shutdown, should the need arise or we are forced, we will keep everyone in the loop.

We trust that the above is in order and we pray that all will be well with our Club Elani Families during these trying times.

Stay Safe.




Keep checking back for specials on tent and caravan sites for the not to distant future.