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** R6000 FOR A 12 MONTH PERIOD**


The main member—not his/her family, friends, kids, spouse, etc—

must be present in order to make use of the membership perks below.


Day Visitors ONLY (No Accommodation Booked)

Day Visitors: 5 people for free, the next 10 people at half price gate entry, thereafter full price entry.

Boat Launching: First boat free, second boat half price, thereafter full price.



Members may book up to 12 months in advance, providing reservations are open.

Members get first preference over their accommodation for December/Easter annually.

Up to 25% on discounted accommodation.

Boat Launching is the same as above for day visitors, when booked at accommodation.

You are welcome to day visitor when booked at accommodation, half price for up to 10 day visitors.


Boat Storage

Only members may store their boats at Club Elani.

Trailer Park—Open: R 725 per month (valid until Feb 2025)

Old Undercover Shade Netting: R 995 per month (valid until Feb 2025)

New Undercover Shade Netting: R 1040 per month (valid until Feb 2025)

Elani Shed (when available) - R 3190 per month (valid until Feb 2025)

You are also entitled to put your name on the garage waiting list, should you wish to purchase.

Remember, if you wish to purchase a garage, you must be member of Club Elani.


Membership Rules & Regulations:

We do not split memberships. So if you have a partner in your boat, your options are to either take out the membership in the owners name that will always be present, or take out two separate memberships. We do not offer student/pensioner discounts. Only the main member is entitled to the membership. If he/she is not present, the membership will not be valid.

Applications for membership is done on site. We do not send forms away.


Needed For Your Application:

Photo of the member—saved as a Jpg/Jpeg file emailed to

ID Number of the member & his/her spouse.

Details of the tow vehicle and water vessel/s.

Details of other clubs the applicant belongs to.



Payments are accepted via cash, card or EFT (if by EFT, the proof of payment brought along).

We do not accept Cheques.

Your membership will take immediate effect once payment has been made. 

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